TAXI YOGA was started in 2004 by Andrew Vollo, a long time Taxi professional in New York City who has developed an exercise program for NYC cab drivers.  TAXI YOGA combines disciplines from Tai Chi, Yoga, Nei Kung, Feldenkrais, and Western Sports Medicine to address the physical limitations and difficulties faced by today’s professional drivers and office workers.  To learn more about Andrew Vollo, read the  complete 2002 article in People Weekly  “Taxi Charm School NYC.”


Andrew Vollo with the help of his associate, Klee Walsh, re-developed TAXI YOGA in 2010 to make it accessible to all people concerned with or suffering

201101200107from the health issues caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time.  Klee Walsh is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor, and a 2010 graduate from SONIC YOGA in midtown Manhattan.  Sonic Yoga encourages students in its Teacher Training Program to donate their yoga to someone who can benefit from it.  Klee decided that his “karma yoga project” would be to help bring yoga to his fellow cabdrivers.  ”If anyone needs yoga its’ cabbies.”  In the words of a long time cabbie, Thomas Lowery, “We’re out there 12 hours a day… sitting like a pretzel, like a pretzel in a tin can.”